Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Guess whos starting therapy on friday! woop woop! I got an appointment and its going to be either low cost or free because Im on social welfare! lets get me sorted! also today I woke up and went shoplifting and got myself the self help book the secret except its one for teenagers but thats fine cz Im 22 and still act like a lost little confused teenager haha! also got my daily dose of mangos! I am eating more and a bit more healthy but calorie intake is still quiete low, but Im eating 2 low fat yoghurts a day actually not low fat fat free and there 50 calories each! omg w8 I dont wna get into calories! fock! but I am taking an iron sachet every day and 3 calcium tablets a day now! I hope I get my period back soon!
Flushed!! the reason your not getting your period is probably because your diet is so unbalanced! bc even when I wasnt underweight I wasnt getting it but that was because I was only eating fruit and veg! so please look after yourself! your gonna get to your goal weight I know it but please make it realistic and healthy because I LOVE YOU 2!
Anyway Ive been eating the exact same foods for the last week and I did an hour and 20 min fit ball workout and 2 power walks! I tried to tell my mom Im going for therapy on friday but I actually just couldnt! I hate upsetting ppl by letting them no Im upset! altho I got in a bit of trouble today bc I bought this rice thats low in calories but I havent been able to bring myself to eat it but its still in the kitchen and its mine! for me! and my little brother fecking ate it all and I was gettin pissed off bout it and then he told my mom that hed eaten it all and then she realised that Id been lying about eating it! fock!
anyway Ill go talk to this therapist on friday and see if wel be able to work together and den tell my mom bc I also have a number for another one! I have to figure out what I want out of life and how I can achieve it safely and healthily!
Hopefully I will benefit from therapy!! woop Im excited! I can come on this and be like well my therapist says teehee!
anyway Ill let you no how I get on! I really really really wna get out of this dinner on friday but I feel so bad bc my uncles over from america and my aunt from england and it will mean alot to my dad if I go yah no?! and he looks after me so well I dont want to be a bitch! but if I go Im bailing this healthy plan not eating 2mro or friday! and sat and sunday I wont be able to work out bc I have my course 9-5 and unless I do an evening walk exercise is out!!!
anyway great recovery teehee!
k I just realised what I typed I feel like a skitzo! must get period back and be healthy!!!

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  1. *GrumbleGrumbleGrumble*
    You are right. I know for sure my diet is lacking in calcium, healthy fats and likely iron...the list goes on, I'm sure. BUT I DONT WANNA!!! But I must. And grumbling all the way through it! Haha

    Is it just me or does the truth kinda suck sometimes? I like the land of delusion! (jk) (kinda)

    Yay for recovery!! I'm so glad you are an advocate of being healthy and are looking at recovery so positively!

    Viva la health!