Thursday, 5 November 2009

uh oh!

eep! well today I woke up really late which Im usually happy about bc den theres less temptation to eat all day! So I had my mango and blueberries for breakfast and my fat free blueberry yoghurt mmm! then I planned the session I had today with my personal trainer client and studied a bit. The I had the session1 2 cups of weight loss tea and then I had my dinner there. 3/4 tin of beans and spinach mushrooms and sweetcorn! mmm no quorn today! I ran out of quorn pieces and dont wanna try any of the quorn products covered in sauces or breadcrumbs so I cudnt eat them! Im only planning on having 2 slices of ww bread and a soup later and maybe another mango hunger depending of course. Havent had time to exercise yet today. cept I did a bit with the trainer client so I was a bit active but waiting to see if my friends up for a walk now! well power it out haha! g2 take my calium for today and my iron supplement still. I think Ive gained weight ugh! well obv bc Im eating more! Im gonna have to go back over this blog to monitor what I was actully eating! anyway I started reading the secret! its really good! I feel like what Im reading is amazing but find it hard to implement what its suggesting! therapy 2mro Im scured! xx

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