Wednesday, 14 October 2009

eating in moderation!

Its da key I know it is but can I do it!
eek! wel c! well not the best today got up ate 3 mangos and blueberries!
but then I did an intense 30 min circuit - squats/lunges/dumb bells/skipping/step and more!
followed by 25 min of bikram yoga poses in my house and stretching!
den I had my diet pills with one slice of weight watchers toast, some carrots/peppers/onion and garlic with some reduced fat hummous!
was amazing! and Im not all bloated now or anything!
usually I eat too much veg and have to spend the next 2 hrs deflating!
but now Im all good in the hood! gonna study in a bit and this evening embark on a beginnners running programme! :)
woop woop positivity!
gonna make myself be happy!
also Im entitled to the dole so Ill be getting money money money for doing nutin nutin nutin!
also Im not gonna eat fruit in the evening anymore.
fruit in the morning
low cal carbs for lunch
and protein and veg for dinner
herbal tea and water in between

1 comment:

  1. i hope the running will go well
    haven ran for so long, the wether here is so bad that i have like no urge to do out and ran.

    stay strong and good workout