Saturday, 10 October 2009

vodka tears

ok well last nite my guy didnt show up! bastard! I hate my life so much rite now that he was the only thing I seemed to be looking forward to! and then what happens hes a feckin no show! dam him accepting the invite on facebook! anyways dont no how it happened but last nite I broke down in tears! which I never fockin do form drinking like and told every1 I was suicidal and da only reason I havent killed myself yet is bc I would never do that to my family! omg dramatic much haha!
Then my mom was all like today I got you this type of bread blah blah I want to see you eat 2 slices of that now! and then she wanted me to eat sweet potatos! but I only did one walk today so no carbs allowed!
I i i........
where is my life going! basically thru myself at one mi guy friends and he was so drunk he didnt even notice! I need sex NOW!!!

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