Monday, 12 October 2009


well it is 2.30 am in ireland and I am tres drunk haha! danced alot and seriosuly just kissed a zac efron luk alike! the guy I am in love with thinks Im sound and hot but doesnt want a long distance relationship even tho we do not live that far away! excuses excuses! anyway I am very confused about my body weight. I dont wna weigh myself. fb says I shud be 115 lbs for my height and last time I was weighed I was 111 lbs adn that was before I got the life ruining fucking surgery on my foot! ewww!
anyways I have not been eating any carbs adn have been living on mangos, blueberries then a dinner of butternut squash sum kidney beans and mushrooms :)
Ive been doing pretty well but my mom is keeping a close eye since my uncle made those fucking comments! a
which is idiot in irish haha
anyways I like the way I look right now! yes I feel my thighs are touching a bit but Im doing my walk and my 100 tricep dips and 100 abs and inner thigh exercises a bit of skipping! trying my best to have fun bc I have decided to enjoy my time as much as piossible untill december bc Im gonna just chill the fuck out if possible adn dedicate my time to my pt course and then after xmas maybe go work abroad for a bit and then college in september!!
no tears 2nite despite my vodka intake. def no carbs for the rest of the week :)
the only carbs I did have today tho was 3 rivita crackers which equals 60 calories so not the worst bc thats the equivalant of a piece of fruit and I easily danced that off! x

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