Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Day 2 Wk 2

Today is going well I went out drinking last nite so got up drank loads of water with a slice of fresh lime to speed up the metabolism then didnt eat anything till like 3.30 and despite still being in my cast I went for about a 20 min walk plus I danced soooo much last nite and I did abs ass and arm exercises before I went out which Im gonna do everyday. I used to do loads more before my surgery but hey Ill get back to it as soon as I can. Ive had 2 corn on the cobs today and a glass of alpro soya light milk. I didnt mix in da protein powder today bc it is disgusting! the glass of milk is 29 calories. Im gonna have a veggie stir fry later with a spoon or 2 of beans! xx
K I was gonna have my stir fry with mixed beans in a mild chilli sauce but I decided just to have kidney beans instead! way less calories!! but bad news I tried to ave my protein supplement but it really has to be mixed and its not nice mixed wit my soya light milk so I tried to eat it unsuccessfully by myself! I nearly chocked! so I mixed it with dun dun dun a muller light yoghurt! my mom got them in! agh! newho Im done eating for te day now! I think Ill ave a vitalinia fat free yoghurt 2mro bc there half the size and therefore alf te calories even tho both are fat free! been drinking lots of peppermint tea aswell elps me go to the toilet and helps da digestion!
gna do my abs soon! x
still no fruit in 2 days! for me dats a major accomplishment! xx

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