Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Day 3

I am soooooooo constipated today! fuck fuck fuck! and I have no dulcoease tablets! but I have laxative sachets somewhere but they dont work quickly and make you bloat! so Im drinking lots of hot water right now. Im gonna have a yoghurt with protein then a kidney bean salad then Im going in2 town and dunno if Im cumin back b4 I go out 2nite so I might pick up a salad with no dressing in marks and spencers!

K had my yoghurt protein and kidney bean salad got to cum hme coz not hehadin out till later. Had a low cal kidney bean stir fry with light soya sauce, and a squeeze of a fresh lime and lemon. Drinking lots of hot water aswell an managed to go to the toilet thank god! I might have another tiny salad with a few kidney beans before I go out! obviously no dressing bc I didnt have any alpro soya light 2nite! seriously barely anywhere sells it apart form holland and barreth and asda!

Ive been reading lots of the blog Inside Im Dancing! and its really making me want to have a healthy happy life! Obviously I wanna be skinny so bad! but I have to have a healthy boy to dance! Its all about trying to find the right balance for my body! but as soon as I start to eat whats considored a healthy diet my obsessivness takes over and I overeat!!!!! one bowl of cereal turns into the whole box been devoured! I cant do moderation! But Im working on it! Altho Im not eating carbs this week! Just kidney beans and vegetables! Still no fruit! I definetly over eat that stuff! But I know Ill be back on it soon and hopefully I will resist eating like 3 boxes a day!

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  1. well first of all... i just read your most recent post and I have some suggestions..(if youll take them ! :) )) As a dancer, we NEED carbs to function to our potential. If you dont have that energy to burn your body will go strait for your muscle... you want to keep that lean muscle (clearly). You should think about adding a good carb to our diet. Stick to dark grains perhaps? Also fruit and vegetables are carbs ps!

    As for protein...sometimes ill add hemp protein to my smoothies, (no bloating!) Before my work outs I like to have a tablespoon of Peanutbutter on a rice cake.

    If you have any other questions please send them my way! Im kind of in a rut as for blogging but i love to answer questions :)