Thursday, 21 May 2009


Ok so since Im bored and crippled in bed all day Im gonna watch loads of documenteries on eating disorders and size zero and review them with all you lovelies!

First up
Super Slim Me with Dawn Porter
Right so this girl is gonna go on an 8 week diet to become a size zero. She works out and experiment with the cabbage soup diet, laxative teas and then just a calorie restricted diet. She makes 500 calories seem like nothing when you can actually make it alot I think. Anyway it just annoys me how pesenters or watever get to go on these diets as part of their jobs bc they get well taken care of personal trainers the lot and then they bitch and moan about it?! In fairness she really did seem passionate about banning the size 0 thing and was just tryna show what it does to u but come on who doesnt wna be skinny! I was so glad when she talked to one of the presenters of the daily 10 bc they are all so skinny and beautiful and she said she never eats! like at least she was being on honest! Is it really possible to eat healthy and be thin? I really dont think so! xxx

Dying to Be Anorexic!
Most boring documentary ever! ugh Im sry but I couldnt watch the last 7 mins! I dont wna be mean but there was some retard 24 yr old lady on it who used to be anorexic and was deciding to be anorexic again! she actually did eat feck all but for some reason I just couldnt take her seriously and she just really annoyed me!! grrrr! also she tried to perform lipo suction on herself! seriosuly shes def not all there! It also covered the story of this other girl forget her name maybe its Kate. Well anyway she was quiete open in her family about her dieting and stuff and she was eating 200 calories a day! also she said that she read you can burn up to 400 calories in your sleep? is this true!? c u later zzzzZZZZZZZZZ haha but it was really sad she took an overdose and slit her wrists! pretty messed up. Dont watch it seriously it will send u to sleep! but hey mayeb thats a good thing! xxx

Eating Disorders
ok this was a brilliant documentary! so good! it was done really well! usually when I watch them I do it for tips and motivation which is good of course but this just showed me how bad it can be if I let it go too far! I dont want this to take over my life Im just using it right now I thinkn to cope with my injury even though I had it before my injury! I want to be thin and beautiful but I want to be happy most of all! you know a girl in college was told to lose weight and do you know what she said! no I dont want to lose weight Im happy as I am Im working out and eating what I like I dont wnt to be unhappy an on a diet! I was jealous of how sure of herself and happy with herself she was! fair play like! but I wna be thin thin thin. but I wnt let it destroy me xxx

Anorexia- Girl
Amazing and terribly terribly sad pls watch!

Anorexiz- Boy
this is good but a differnt kind of ed! the boy got this fear of eating after 5pm but it didnt matter what he ate! at first he had stopped eating tho but then it was just the fear so the dad used to bring him mcdonalds and junk food to fatten him up on his lunch breaks and stuff! his family were lovely he recovered well eating chinese take out and everything! ugh jealous!

Intervention Kim
Ok this poor poor girl majorly messed up! definetly had more going on then an eating disorder!


  1. You do burn calories in your sleep. It's when your body shuts down & works on fixing things, etc. That's why doctors say not to eat before bed because then your body is so busy digesting your food while you sleep that it can't do it's normal job. People always say, "I stay up as late as possible because you don't move in your sleep" but you really burn quite a few calories when you're sleeping!

  2. I have seen both of those documentaries. That girl really bugged me too! She was just scary looking and disgusted me for some reason :o
    You could also see "Super Skinny Me". It has two girls in it, and it's pretty similar to Super Slim me. One of the girls losing the weight actually really loves it and she starts developing an eating disorder, lol. It's on youtube :)

  3. Brilliant! I never knew why ppl said u shudnt eat b4 bed! lots of sleep for me so! that is amazin news!x
    omg I actually watched that one already and they told her they wanted her to stop the documentary but she wanted to keep goin anyway! I dont no her name but she did a thing called Super Botox Me and got hooked aswell! it really must be a personality thing! x