Saturday, 23 May 2009

Day 7!

so week one is now offically complete! Fruit and veg for a whole week with the exception of 3 muller light yoghurts and a bowl of soup! was so very tempted to steal some of my room mates amazing cereal! but its 280 calories a bowl with milk and I do not stop at one bowl! haha my frien came over and stayed for the whole day and we were hungry an she kept saying when do u eat? r u hungry yet? so I made a veggie stir fry with light soy sauce and she had hers with pasta! I wouldnt even taste it to see if it was cooked properly for her eek! she knows Im a weird one! haha! o well! Tesco had grapes in today so I was less paranoid but still no mango but I didnt mind so much. 2mro Im gonna stop there b4 I hit da airport and get a box of grapes and a mango box if they have any! and then I wont eat again untill I eat out! and its my dads birthday and Im gonna enjoy my lebanese meal! bc I actually do not remember da last time Ive eaten in a resteraunt! actually I do. I said my wisdom teeth were cumin up and drank water haha!
So just coz Im eating a meal 2mro doesnt mean Im gna write of 2mro as a waste and end up saying o Ive eaten this I mite as well binge! It means on Monday I start my protein based diet! woop woop! ne suggestions for it pls xx

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