Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Day 4!

Woop Day 4! today is just pure fruit and veg seen as Ive run out of my muller yoghurts! and do you know what I dont think I plan on buying any in the near future bc Im flying home this weeked! and Im not handing out money for anyone to buy me any! Ok so last nite couldnt sleep again for ages my stomach was soooooooo hungry and if it didnt take me half an hour to walk down the stairs to the kitcen I actually would of eatin something! Maybe this surgery was a pretty good diet! haha
But I am debating wheter or not to make a wee trip to tesco! I dont think I want to but all I have in is half a cucumber, some sweetcorn and mushrooms! I love mushrooms mmmmmmmmm! so do I need to go to tesco!? I dont no why but Im not even craving or hungry for grapes I just want them in my kitchen! mmm....Im a weird one alright!
Anywho gna go watch the first episode of the wire! My brother has been telling me to watch it forever! any gud??

Ok the wire was crap. Im going to tesco! Im getting a bit paranoid tho bc theyve changed the layout of the store?! are they getting suspicious haha! well Ive started to buy one or two things so its not like Im always walking in and then out without buying anythink! woop grapes! xx

Ok got my things woop woop! mmm saw a man in the back looking at cttv cameras so had to be more careful! downer! so didnt go overboard. gave my room mate money to buy me mushrooms but the store didnt have any! devastating! Im gonna go to the doctors 2mro bout my surgery so think I might make another tesco stop! I want mushrooms! going to the cinema now to see Coraline 3D I shall do a review later. My room mate just asked me to mind half a galaxy bar so she wont demolish it before the movie. Im smelling it right now! mmmm........Im a fan of smelling foods! ok just checked out the back! over 700 hundred calories in that bar alone! Id say I eat 700 calories a day from fruit! hopefully less! but its better to eat that amount in fruit and not chocolate right bc theres no fat?

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