Thursday, 21 May 2009

Day 5!

Ok Im eating too much fruit again dammit! ugh well Im not gonna beat myself up over it this week since Ive ditched the muller yoghurts for te past 2 days thank you very much! :) haha I managed to get in mushrooms today yeh! and some baby corn so I shall have a lovely stir fry for dinner. Had to get up early and go to one class in college at 9.30! Ive been getting up at like mid day everyday! so now Ive been up for hours whereas I would have only been awake for like 2 hours if I didnt have a lecture so therefore Ive eaten more then I would of........blah blah blah!
o well! next week Im thinking of trying a different approach bc Im not getting any protein and I really need it for my body to recover from surgery. So Im thinking of drinking soy protein in a smoothie in the morning or else with juice I dont no yet and then Im not sure maybe beans for dinner! i i i ne advice?
I read this book for my ibs about food combining and it says you should eat fruit in the morning then carbs at lunch with salad and then protein and veg in the evening! seriously in my college theres no way you could eat 3 meals a day and like that bc we dance all day and we would die haha!
newho I no Im not gonna brake the fruit veg thing but I just need to tone it down a bit haha maybe 2mro and saturday and sunday I will. Yes I will! Its my dads birthday on sunday and I always feel majorly bad bc I make my family feel so awkward about eating out together so we rarely do but now I live in a different country but Im going home on sunday so I said that I would eat in this lebanes resteraunt bc I actually do love falafels and veg mousakka and that and its not major bad for you! In fact Im going to email the resteraunt now and say Im on a calorie controlled diet what is the least fattening calorie full meal u have! ooo exciting! I shall fill you in! xx
any dining out tips? xx


  1. Ooh I love Lebanese food! I don't have any tips since I don't know the calories...but I can tell you that a few months ago I went to a Lebanese restaurant and ate A SHITLOAD..seriously it was SO much and I was freaking out...but then the next day I lost weight and it stayed off! So I'm pretty sure it's really healthy food.
    As for the protein...I wasn't getting enough protein and when they took my blood for a physical they said that I had fluids and proteins leaking out of my blood vessels (from a LACK of protein, weird huh!). So maybe you could just eat some plain shrimp or something....they are really low cal and yummy and will give you great protein!

  2. eek! I dont eat fish! and beans bloat u! ugh stress of a balanced diet eh! eek! I love lebanese food I actually love it so much it is my treat! I rarely have it but its almost totally guilt free!
    thats weird bout ur blood vessels! da human body is crazy!

  3. Spinach is really good for protein or broccoli and a boiled egg on occasion (cage free of course), but lately I've been having chickpeas and lentils which has the same amount of protein as beans but tastes way better. As for dining out tips stay away from bread! Its the worst but most tasty thing, and if you'll be having lots of protein instead u'll lose weight faster. Hope this helps, stay strong.

  4. o god Id never touch da bread anyway haha! well one time I had weight watchers! or else I actually used to get nice rolls they were 110 calories tho but Id cut it into 4 slices felt like a right feast haha
    mmm marks and spencers do this amazing long grain rice aubergine and lentil dish in garlic dressing for under 300 cals! soooo good but only have it very sparingly! rice is my favourite carb!

  5. I don't know if this helps, but I've been trying to drink 1 or 2 glasses of water when I get hungry. I've heard that it'll make you less hungry, and it actually did if for me.