Monday, 25 May 2009

Week 2!

Today I have decided Im not having any fruit for a whole week! and dats a big deal 4 me! So far I have had 2 glasses of hot water, 2 pieces of brocollie 5 mange tout 2 corn on the cob and a herbal tea! this is going so much better plus I have being going to the bathroom all day so I feel lighter even tho I luk like shit haha! Im going to have my protein drink in a bit its 111 calories! ugh but its 24grams protein which I major need! I think for dinner I will have a veg stir fry I was going to have beans for protein but their are no baked binsn but we do have mixed beans with chilli sauce which would be 156 calories??? Im undecided?! woop this week is going to be soooo good I can feel it! Im going to a bbq later but I wont be tempted to eat anything! xx

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