Friday, 22 May 2009

Day 6!

ok day 6 is here woop! starting feeling major down and isolated yesterday especially when I was watching the documentaries! I no starting this blog is probably gonna make my problems with food worse bc when I eat Im now thinking about writing on here and sharing it with u guys. 2Day I feel like absolute shit y? bc my body is bunged up with it. I havent gone to the toilet properly in days and my laxative sachets are not effective! Im gonna have to go by some dulocolax or something I usually have to drink a whole bottle to get a bowel movement tho. Also Im just so bored of being injured I would be dancing my way to thinness if I wasnt injured grr! Anywho I dont even feel like eating much today I think Im gonna go and get some carrot and corriander soup bc that is my favourite but its 90 cals per bowl so I dont no if I shud just go get little sachets of soup instead that are like 40 cals a coup but way less feeling and have alot more salt and stuff???
My mom hasnt mentioned my dads resteraunt being booked for sunday so I actually dont think its happening bc we have relatives that wkd too! I think Ill have a fruit day sunday. well wel c the thought is actually making me feel sick right now. Next week Im def gna do some kind of protein vegetarian diet thing. I dont know what the best approach is. Is it true you burn alot of calories when eating protein? Like that is what the atkins diet is isnt it? mmm gna do some research maybe watch another documentary :( sad today x

K I ended up getting a craving for grapes! demolished sum of my roomates then went to get sum food! tesco express had no packets of grapes out! I seriously tink its bc of da amount I have picked up this week if u get me! and no mango! so I got sum cherries and a few snack packs of grapes and soup! I still enjoy the grapes but Im over all the other food! so 2mro I dont tink I wna do fruit and veg! maybe 1 box of grapes and some sort of cereal bar! I used to eat these amazing chocolate orange gluten free bars that were 131 calories but I cant go all the way to sainsburys in my cripple state! ugh wat to do! u c wen I eat fruit and veg I feel Im depriving myself and then I eat in extreme amounts! whereas if I eat something nice I will just eat that and thats that! mmmm so so far for 2mro if tesco get there grapes in grapes and then the rest is to be decided! I no I shudnt rly have anything but I want something!!! mmmm.......
when u think about it there is so much u can have for under 200 calories! quorn nuggets, a bowl of cereal, beans, cereal bar, yoghurt! ahhh makes this so much harder! Ill just see what happens 2mro cz I never know how I feel untill the time.
Also my roomate whos lost a load of weight got called into the office today and they rang her mom bc their so worried about her! but Ive been with her all day and shes actually eating loads I seriously think its just stress burning up all her food! shes eaten loads of chocolate cereal muffins everything! so confusin eh?!

Dammit my mom rang and said she booked the resteraunt! guess wer eating out so! was gna fast 2mro but I just no thats not gna happen so fruit only no veg! screw the cereal bar Im gonna do my 7 days of fruit and veg first and then next wk is gna be protein wk! woop woop! I hate wen I go home bc my moms a teacher so she gets mid term too and will be at home too so she nos wen Im eating.
Im thinking protein smoothie in the morning, bar in the afternoon and some fruit! and then another bar in the evening or else 120 cal rice with sum veg!

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