Sunday, 24 May 2009

Day 8

Shit buzz! Got up ate a load of fruit! and did a lot of shoplifting! me freaking out and being nervous makes me binge but at least I only binged on fruit! I got so much stuff but it didnt give me a buzz today but I just kept doing it anyway! So I went to the airport and I text my mom to c if she booked da resteraunt and she said she didnt so I was like brilliant! but then my dad said we were gonna just go somewhere later but then we got food from these thai place! so I got green curry with brown rice! I barely ate any of the rice and the curry was vegetable so I ate da veg and tried to drain all da sauce so I dont think it was dat bad! I dont look think tho at all I look healthy! 2mro is starvation central seriously Im over this shit! stuffing myself with fruit and veg! I tink Im gna have sum protein and den veg everyday! ugh! y cant I just be thin already! fuck this shit Im so pissed off! I need more self control! u think if I cud cut out everything but fruit and veg from my diet I could limit the amount of fruit and veg I eat but its soooooo hard! ugh neway its gud dat I def wnt be able to do my own food shopping now dat Im home. Im just gna starve not ask for anything and eat nothing! eek! I hope it goes well! Im drinking 2mro nite I dont wna on an empty stomach cz last time I ended up hospitalized haha! rite wish me lux xxxxx


  1. I found this weight loss competition on this blogging thing xanga that some girls do, u can see it here:

    It would be fun cause we can compete with weight loss, but in a enjoyable and supportive way. And we could have a points system like if we stay under goal calorie intake we get 5 points.

    Would you want to join if I made a site like this on blogger?

  2. Id defo join! but I wont be able to do it proberly untill mid july bc I wnt to eat healthy-ish while Im dancing! but tnx 4 tinkin of me! xxxxxx