Tuesday, 19 May 2009


ok I dont no if this is relevent! but I have a desire to be majorly fat when Im way old! you know so old when your clearly not gonna have sex anymore and no matter what you do your just not gonna luk attractive! thats when bam! Im gonna let my body eat! everything its ever craved!
Pizze Pizza Pizza! lots of cheese! Burgers! Chinese! Fries from every single take out ever! chow mein/ spring rolls/ prawn crackers! Indian curries! and chocolate lots of chocolate! caramel! toffee! carrot cake! mmmmmmmmmm......................
so my question is do you all plan on being fat grannies but skinny sexy ladies?
p.s I havent eaten chocolate or any take away in 2 years :)


  1. I feel the exact same way.
    My friend & I (long story) used to sometimes wish we WERE really fat, like the point where you just don't even care anymore, that way we could just eat whatever we wanted.

  2. im gonna do it when Im say 60-ish 70-ish o my poor husband wont know what the hell happened! Right up to that point Ill be this crazy control food freak! and then bam! obese! haha