Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Day 3!

woop woop! day 3 is here! do u no wat! I ate 2 muller light yoghurts yday! but I let myself away with it bc I was actually so hungry I could not sleep for ages plus I spent like 3 hours rearranging my room and also my body is in recovery from surgery so it uses up lots of cals on that!
its only mid day here I had a toffee muller light my last one in stock so Im just not gonna get anymore so I wont be able to have them for the next few days! Im gna brave another walk to tesco today but Ill bring my crutches this time. I actually dreamt about all the fruit Im gonna pick up! grapes mangos cherries melon pineapple! but actually all Im gonna get is grapes and mango :). Seriously I would happily live on an unlimited supply of them.
I looked at my stomach in the mirror today and not happy it lux bloated and I used to have a gap between my pants and my hip bones bc my tummy was hollow b4 but I dont anymore! I want it back! I need it back! dat hollow is the root to confidence!
anywho was on da fon to my mom the other night! she said are you eating all right I dont want you coming home like an insect! and do you know what I loved it! I was like I qualify for some level of concern this is brilliant! I must be thinnish enough to do that! but I know it gets annoying she did almost cry before and say looking at me was like looking at an anorexic! that was last summer but that was when I felt at my most fat which was weird! mmm I got ibs and I ended up quitin my job as a gym instructor bc I lukd pregnant! plus the man I loved got engaged haha! I dont take rejection well!

p.s Im really enjoying reading every1s blogs! It defo makes me stay focused on my diet plus some of you guys are extra amazing. your will power is incredible! can you imagine what man kind could do with the sort of will power we have! xxx

k I cant figure out how to edit my post so Im back again! went to pick up food! ate too many grapes dammit! but its ok I have no yoghurts in da house for 2mro so that saves me 100 wonderful fat free calories! so 2mro wont be too bad hopefully! seriously anyone know how many calories your body burns while recovering from surgery? mmm I think I need to do some googling! and is it true that your brain alone needs 800 calories a day just to function correctly?! 2000 calories a day!! ridick no wonder the whole world is obese!

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