Monday, 18 May 2009

Day 2!

So day 2 is here! Was reading crazily late last night. The amazing Adventures of Diet Girl! Ok rigt good book liked the girl and all but come one! Everytime she said stuff like she felt paranoid when buying shoes or clothes bc she thought people would be thinking her arms were too big or she was too fat to buy running shoes but thn she realized people didnt give a crap about those things. But the thing is I do! Im probably one of those people thinking those things. Im so judegemental and critical. Like ok so Im a size 6 but I have fat arms. Like I wonder how I can eat so healthily and do loads of exercise and still have fat arms! Like I just dont get it! but I do agree that the best way would be to be healthy and happy but hey thats not always an option or as easy as it seems. So I dont forsee myself having some massive epiphony one day and being like ok Ill be happy with myself! Isnt that just like giving up on perfection! haha I just want to be sooooo perfect! Then Il be confident. nd I dont care what people say you have to be happy with yourself first! Total BS! bc 2 summers ago I got soooo skinny maybe even dangerously skinny but I was sooooo confident on holidays, wearing my bikini showing off my hollow tummy getting all the boys attention. You see and I was happy then. Now I would not be willing to wear a bikini or get naked infront of anyone untill I am lovely and skeletal. Theres just something about feeling your hip bones that is soooooooo sexy! I dont know what it is! But abs for me are the main thing! mmmm
Anywho todays deal is I could not sleep bc I was so hungry. I have this fear about feeling hungry so was stuffing myself with lots of fruit but I guess thats in limited supply at present! I managed to fall asleep woke up an hour early then I was planning to which has messed up todays whole plan. Bc yday I didnt eat a yoghurt till 3.30, today I had it at 11-ish! so now all 2mros fruit is gone but hey I dont usually beat myself up over fruit! and its totally not like Im binging on it. Its now 5.30 so hungry but people are in the kitchen and I dont wanna prepare stuff and walk through the lounge. mmmm what to do!
Btw havent felt better it days tho! Usually I have trouble going to the toilet but not since Ive kicked the carbs :) that was soooo da problem! haha
Anywho passed sooooo much time. gave my room a total make over! practiced stuff for college. organized my life! checked in online for my flight on sunday! rang the doctors. sorted for now!
anywho my life is usually more exciting! seriously it actually is quiete eventful but since Ive been confined to my house after surgery it will be like this till at least friday! But its ok that means nothing should mess up my little detox Ive got going on! If only I had weighed myself I could see the benefit of it! but hey I hate numbers!
Diet Lexy xx


  1. Hi!

    Okay what I did was

    for breakfast i'd eat 3 oranges about 25 grapes and 12 oz of OJ (I was stuffed!)

    for lunch i'd eat a huge salad full of every veggie you can name. Cucumbers, celery, carrots, lettece (all types), tomatos, etc... i'd chop up the veggies very small and eat about 2 plate fulls and loads of water!

    for dinner I'd pig out on steamed cabbage, steamed broccoli, califlower, and carrots with loads of Mrs. Dash and hot pepper.
    Water or diet soda to drink

    For dessert i'd eat like 2 kiwi fruit or an orange or a mangoe

    I lived on the toliet I probably pooped about 6 times a day but I lost 15 pounds- it took me a little over 2 weeks so i'd just say about 3 weeks to lose 15 pounds- no cheat days- when I got hungry I ate fruit and veggies

    I stayed away from potatos and starchy veggies like corn and peas... no avocados or any fruit or veggie that is high in calories like bananas. try to limit your fruit intake to neg cals like Apples and Cucumber~ Eat strawberries, kiwi, and mangoes like you would a dessert. These are packed with carbs. The ratio of veggies and fruit should be 70% Veggies and 30% Fruit
    Good luck!

  2. Yeah I'm really judgmental on other peoples sizes, so I assume others are just like me and are criticizing my size too. And I lack confidence to because of my constant need to be perfect too. Anyway I really hope the detox works for!

    xoxo Farah

  3. This is so hard I love fruit way too much to do 30% mmmm I dont know that to do! I think Ill just let myself away with it this week since Im just gonna live on fruit and veg and amnt even buying my o so delicious muller yoghurts anymore!
    I so judge everyone on der size body shape everything! when I am talking to my roomates I just look at their bodies! they probly tink Im checkin them out haha!