Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Shoplifting + Book reviews

Ok so just a quick note!
When I was studying to become a fitness instructor we had to learn a bit on eating disorders! seriously the more I read about them the more you want to have one right? I love the way people think that buy showing documenteris or articles on the lives of those with ED that it will put ppl off, well it doesnt haha! newho so in this book it had this section on how people with eating disorders are prone to shoplift aswell! and abusse alcohol! vodka abuser right here! haha me and my best friend (duno if shes still my best friend) laughed so hard! the book was seriously describing the two of us! Do any of you guys with ED shoplift too? seriously I get all my food that way!

Also has anyone seen that tv documentary about kids having ED's? seriosuly bc that was actually really sad! Im kind of glad I had my little plumpy chilhood I have the memories of eating things and not caring and trying different foods and being normal and not feeling uncomfortable and constantly wondering how to get out of eating in certain situations! but these kids think the youngest was like 4 getting up and doing sit ups every morning and running on the cross trainer did make me feel kind of sad.
Also Louise Rednap size 0? what did people think about that? she defo did make the journey look unappealing! I couldnt bliv that she was only allowed eat green veg and her fruit was so limited! bc guys when I diet I live on fruit I just love it so much I could eat it all day! and I tell myself its ok bc its fruit! but I guess its not!
Anyone read Skinny Bitch? dey say its ok to eat as much fruit and veg as you want and so does Gillian McKeith! well guys its not ok!
But Im still gonna do it!
Also gonna do a 30 day brikram yoga course this summer with only fruit and veg in my tum tum! you do yoga in a freak hot room for an hour and a half each day and just sweat away all your calories fat and toxins! makes you major dizzy though and the room is really small and I get claustraphobic! but hey thin is thin :) then Ill just lie around in the sun all day admiring my amazingly thin body. wear cute shorts that will hang off my beautifully protruding hip bones! woop woop fun times ahead!
also major pissed off one of my housemates has lost a shit loads of weight! and shes not even doing anything! Ok she is quiete a healthy person anyway but she eats bread and protein and yoghurts! how did she do it! I might ask her 2mro! a teacher even talked to her about it today at dance school! when will I ever get that sort of attention! well I actually did at my old one but would be nice here! Ill know how Im doing when I c my mom next week cos she always says right away! ur looking a bit gaunt! haha love it! when she told me I looked well I cried for hours!
ok sorry this wasnt actually meant to turn into a post but I think Ive covered more then my addiction to shoplifting! got a whole little book review session going on aswell! haha
pls comment xx

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