Wednesday, 23 September 2009

day 3 of no2!

another day another no2 hell yeh frickin yeh! went out last nite and danced da nite away so burned a gud few cals Id say! wasnt a great nite tho! only went bc I got a free ticket to this social and bc I wanted to score a hottie which I didnt and nrly scored this guy I know whos fat but theres just sumtin about him and Im glad nutin hpnd bc it wuda bn so embarressing!
neway wasnt a great nite woke up drank so much water weight loss tea. had my museili handful of cornflakes and alpro soya yoghurt. Then I had a kidney stir fry-so gud! cooked in light soya sauce! anyway Im on the green tea diet supplement at the moment!
going for a walk in a bit which will be 40-45 minutes! gna go get my mangos then and then go to yoga at either 4.30 or 6.30!! Its gonna be hard bc Il have alcohol in da system!
duno if Ill have toast today but dont wna have dat peanut butter again it has to be reduced fat or sugar or salt or sumtin! the holland and barrett one is gross tho! mmm...wat to do!
just another day in da life of da exact same routine haha!
my friends annoyin me today! Im not havin ppl puttin pressure on me! dats all Im saying! fok dem Im doing my own thing!x
power walk and yoga.
no toast!
never gna eat peanut butter again! wtf I tried to buy organic ones! there is no such thing as low fat peanut butter! my mom suggested I try toast with banana and cinamon which I mite try! bc I dnt mind da toast bc its 84 cals for 2 slices! and cinamon speeds up ur matbolism! I 4got to take flaxseed today so took sum there and Im done for the day!
hope all u lovelys are doing well.
my mom said pls have some toast your looking so skeletal!
luv it!
I wna bf!
or a friend with benefits..........sum1 shud be worshipping this body yah no!


  1. lol you type so MSN, haha its funny.
    anyways, glad to hear you're doing good. although i'm sure you're a bit hangover, it'll pass.
    yoga sounds good. i've always wanted to try it but never actually got to it. :/
    stay strong darling.x

  2. Tic-Tac-Toe 3 in a row!! Yay! That's awesome, I bet despite the mild hangover you're are feeling fantasticly NOT full of $#!t! Haha

    That's right, do YOUR own thing! I like that attitude!

    ~Old School Italian Friend (hehe)