Monday, 21 September 2009

hey hey!

so last nite was up with cramps but today I got up and went no2! yeh! at long fokin last so I feel like a new person! still a bit tired tho from being up all nite but I slept till 11.45! I didnt beat myself up about not getting up and working out right away bc I decided either way I would do a power walk and my 90 minute yoga class!
I got up and decided to have 2 tablespoons of muesili with my alpro soya yoghurt!
I then typed up a college assignent for my brother! It only took me an hour but he gave me 10 euros for it!
I had 2 cups of peruh weight loss tea.
I then had 2 mangos- which I researched last nite! and they have no carbs! woop, no fat and their good for constipation!!!
I then had a bowl of cabbage soup 0 points on ww!
then I went for my power walk with my mom. followed by grocery shopping where we were served by a pretty hot guy! mom asked me did I notice him checkin me out?!? mmm not sure!
anywhoodle on the way home me and my mom snacked on sum sugar snaps!
then I had my kidney bean stir fry! kidneys beans - high fibre! no fat! good for constipation!!
I made extra for my mom and she didnt want it all and asked me if I wanted more but I said NO! even tho I totally did teehee! anyway took my fat metabolism pills and b vitamins and pro biotics. I must say I am missing my alpro soya light milk :(
anyway Im going to yoga at 8.30! I may or may not have another mango or an apple before then!
Im looking into yoga teacher training courses!
how perfect would that be! every yogi is nearly vegan or at least they eat healthily! they dont stress and they get to do yoga retreats!!!


  1. I'm sold! Now I wanna be a yogi too! And I've never even done it before haha!


  2. flushed you should do it! it mazin! seriously after 7 classes the 90 mins flies by and Im so much more flexi! and everyone just in der pants and bras bc da room so hot so no1 gives a shit what they look like! it kinda puts things in perspective yah no! xx