Sunday, 27 September 2009

day of 3 no2!

haha yes u read correctly!
what the fok! I have gone to the toilet everyday for a week! I awesome haha!
so happy! last nite was fun! we danced alot! alot of calories burned haha! only exercise I did today was a 40 min power walk that included to intervals of running up at least 30 steps! was fun! got up took my diet pills and all ate 3 tablespoons f muesili, my yoghurt, flaxseed. Had my banana toast and cinamon :) then I had my dinner which was butternut squash mushrooms and brocollie. Then I had mango and melon.
gna walk and do yoga 2mro! x
omg ew! its 3.40 am! I cannot sleep! I have been ignoring hunger pains for 2 hrs now and have gotton up and eaten sum sugar snaps and Im havin some hot soya milk! light of course! wtf I better be able to fall asleep now!
ugh I need to start eating properly. Im feeling brutal all da time! its not what I signed up for when I wanted to be this thin! x

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