Friday, 18 September 2009

the day after!

well the day after my total agony I feel gud gud! well not brilliant but I said if I woke up at 11 Id get up and go to yoga at 12! which I did! and hopefully sweated away all da disgusting carbs I ate yday! ewww! I feel disgusted at my actions! I will not be eating cereal, digestive biscuits or peanut butter for the fore seeable future!
anyway I did a good bit of walking today too. went into town for my laser eye consoltation after yoga and after walked all across town to go shoplifting teehee! got me new boots, 2 new jeans, 2 new tops, a dress, 2 mascara and then I went to marks and spencers got a mini mango box and fruit box. I had a few kidney beans aswell and a bit of veg! nutin like b4 the thought makes me sick but I had too eat them or else I was worried Id binge on something else!
hopefeully Ill be able to get up for yoga 2mro its at 11! then going to get dressed not eat and hand out cvs! Ive got to make up for yday!

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