Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Im back!

Right Im b ack from my adventures! good and bad! I got with this guy in prague and he kept telling me how skinny I was and that if I turned side ways he wouldnt be able to c me! man he knows how to turn a girl on haha! neway didnt end up sleeping with him bc stayin in a hostel didnt really make dat possible plus Im not gna lie I wasnt drunk enuf! after I was like right Im gna just go out and get it over and done with and what do I get my feckin period! first time in 2 or 3 months! I managed to stick to my fruit and veg diet and went without soya products for a while but got a 4 pack of soya yoghurts and 2 cartons of soya milk while I was there! I also had a handful or so of kidney beans! I cant bliv I managed to eat da way I always do with the exception of sum low cal instant soups! today Im ack absolutly knackered! I wna get some fruit in 2day bc Im planning mainly to stick to veg for the next while or so! so I want some mango and melon! mmm......
I feel fat! Im sure Ive gained even tho we did so much walking and stuff but whatever Il be back on track 2mro! why? bc Im way too tired today and besides its not like Im gna binge today just eat what I would normally and reduce 2mro! no fruit after 6 me tinks! I hate my arms they feel massive! also got my open day for my new college 2mro so g2 luk well cute! haha hotties await! xx
also ma friend had a bit of a breakdwn one nite in prague! she told me she threw up her food and how she always counts calories! I felt so bad! she knows what Im like and she told me we shud g get help 2gether! but Im not willing to get help altho I dnt no what I was yappin on about when I was drunk! she told me that Im really skinny and I just cant see it! I felt bad for her bc I hope I dnt have any influence on it! I wna be sooo skinny for next time I c Mark! I feel like shit right now so hopefully Ill have energy for 2mro!

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