Monday, 31 August 2009

damn it!

haha wow thought I did so well yday! its 2.35 am here in Ireland and Ive to be ready to go to da airport in like 2 hrs and still cant sleep! seriosuly my mind is so freakin over active its ridiculous! I actually just cannot switch off! plus I cant stop thinking about food! grr! Ive ended up coming down stairs and eatin some melon! I am so annoyed haha! I keep thinking about what eating out in prague and berlin is gonna be like! I obv cant overly binge on fruit adn veg even though Ive majorly cut down on my fruit intake :) like Im sure wer gna have to eat out and shit and its freakin me out and then I keep thinkin about if I start goin out with mark! do I have to explain shit to him or just try hide it! see how carried away my mind gets?
so I think for the holiday Im gna eat really small portions! Im gna try not to ever finish a meal. Im gna order salads and im sure I can get fruit at breakfast and hopefully dey will have deiet 7 up bc that fills me up and is lik 6 calories a bottle!
man I totally hate that I cant sleep! do u think its bc I dont eat properly?Ive bn in bed since 11 o clock like! mmm... I dont no! maybe Ill look it up!
its not bc Im hungry well actually I do feel empty I guess!
o shit I tink my moms up

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