Sunday, 30 August 2009

last nite!

so went out last night, kept myself busy all day so wasnt snacking constantly on fruit fruit fruit! I had my usual breakfast and then I had a veggie stir fry and then I went to a jog later so afterwards I got 2 mangos and I ate another yoghurt b4 I went outbc I was so hungry I thought Id get sick if I didnt! I still think I would have less calories then if Id been eating fruit tbh! anyway mark didnt show last nite knew he wouldnt bc he was working till 1.30 am and the gig was over so why would he I suppose! no surprises there eh haha!
right also walked all da way home from town last nite with my friend an hour and a half walk! so didnt feel too bad bout the extra yoghurt! also we wore these new high waisted skirts and she was lik jesus lexy ur waist is tiny I could put one ma hands around it! haha o yeh! I did luk pretty gud yeh! so this morning Ive had my yoghurt protein and toasted oats! 2 tablespoons and a spoon of seeds! gonna pre occupy myself with lots of tasks today! g2 sort ma cv and mi application form for being a personal trainer! then g2 find a pad lock for interailing. get some certificates photo copied....o no my dad just said my moms gone food shopping! I want fruit so bad! no lexy stop!

k my mom back she bought 1 mango and 2 melons! very small melons! gna have a veggie stir fry sn! wer going for a walk then and 2nite Ill have some baby melon!
my shoulder is so sore 2day!
going to the airport on tuesday! Im gna totally go shopping if you know what I mean! Im gna get fake tan, make up, a perfume and jewlerry from accessorize! also 2mro Im gna go get some shades and shoes and maybe a dress! yeh exciting! also mite be getting a brazilian wax? eh eh? xx

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