Monday, 3 August 2009

Man dat soup is good!

haha that butternut squash soup is amazing! I luvs it! my moms making more 2mro! plus I got this linwoods flaxseeds and Im adding a spoon to my yoghurt and protein which is actually my favourite meal of the day even though Im eating the peach flavours at the moment which arent that nice! And da flaxseed is making me go to the toilet I luvs it! haha!
anyway bc it was a bank holiday 2day der were no fresh fruit in stores but thank god we had a melon and apples in the house so I ate them! I went for a brilliant walk in the sun! I only did one jogging interval 2day bc it was so hot! den I walked up to my friends house and we walked up to my others friends house and then after I walked the long way home! Im sorry guys but I just cant get up the courage to go to that bikram yoga class on my own! its too hard! plus I said if I started Id eat slid carbs again but I could not do that either! I did an hour and 20 mins of body conditioning woop woop! think my ass is toning up now! Ive added ankle weights so its more strenuous like! mm what else! omg so annyed I text the hottie today saying hey how was your wkd?! and nothing hello!? he rang me and told me to txt him! ugh boys boys boys! hes defo a potential sex buddy bc he has no link or connection to my life at all haha! so he better text back! grrrr. I h8 all this txtin shite. anyhoodle. 2mro my friend and I mite be going swimming! oh dear jesus! a swimsuit! ahhhhhhhh!!! gud thing every1 but me thinks Im skinny! but no they will see what Im really like from the waist down haha! o fuck! I have physio 2mro too and my last pretest b4 my driving test! eek! fuck! haha!
mmm what else oh yeh last nite I told my mom about my friend being anorexic bc she asked how they all were and I wasnt gna say netin but shes gna see ehr at my party on sat so I decided too and then I just burst into tears. and my mom was like whats wrong r u anorexic!?? wtf! I am so not thin enuf to classify as sum1 with an ed! and I said no I just got such a fright wen I saw her bc I rly did I cant even describe and she said well now u no what its like to get a fright and then she asked me to eat sum bran flakes which I didnt! I was gna eat sum oats but I just cudnt oh god! I was gna re read skinny bitch but my moms reading it now! hopefully shel begin to understand my ways sum more then. well thats all stay thin but happy and healthy haha if only that was possible?! x

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  1. Tomorrow. Tomorrrow I will pick up Skinny Bitch from the library. They have it waiting for me =) Cannot wait to dive into it! Can. Not.

    Keep up the Good Work!!