Monday, 17 August 2009

my new diet!

haha basically Im still on weight loss tea pro biotics fat metaboliser pills and flax seed. I dont eat to fill myself up anymore which is defo a plus. I even had a tiny stir fry earlier! drinkin vodka is the best diet ever! it makes me not wna eat da next day and wen Im drinkin I stop eating early so I get drunk faster and feel not bloated and heavy! woop!
on the down side! dance college is not looking great for september! my injuries are still with me! but I have a month to go! Ill do my physio exercises later and also I got a fitness ball today! Im too tired to tone but Ive been on one walk already and my friends callin over for another one now woop! laters xx
wheres my comments I need support! my mom asked me was I anorexic da other day?! I so dont look anorexic! I look at old fotos and feel I look da exact same?! mmm......Anyway Im not anorexic and I told her I knew what I was doing and she just said I hope u do! still no kidney beans woop woop! x
k I must be gettin smaller bc last nite at the party fearghal told me all his friends said I was so skinny and tiny! haha yes! I rule!
also omg so annoyin I was in the kitchen adn I take this protein powder thats 25 grams of pure protein per 28 gram portion so pure soya prtein basically and its low fat low carb specifically for vegans so they get da right amt of protein in their diet and my bro was all like how many carbs are in how much fat is in andn I was like stop I dnt wna no bc its important I take this and if u tell me I mite stop takin it and him and my dad just laughed and kept tryna read it and then they gave out to me for gettin annoyd! eh they were provokin me!!!
also today da usual breakfast baby stir fry soup and weight loss tea! x


  1. ACK! I'm here! I'm here! I've been so behind on reading blogs (81 currently unread) so I'm back today and reading(catching up)/commenting where I can. My, my you've also been quite the busy and SKINNY girl!

    That's really cool that you and your moms have been walking. Isn't it so nice to have a walking buddy? I feel for you on dance school :( but you'll get better Lexy don't give up (I know you won't but y'know....) and you'll get back in the dancing swing of things again! And you'll be better than ever! Everything happens for a reason and so long as you continue to think positively, stay motivated and persist AMAZING THINGS WILL HAPPEN!

    (Sex will happen too ;) reason, chickadee, reasons....)

    I have a fitness ball too and I absolutely love it! I also just bought this thing called the Bender Ball-ALSO AMAZING! I just love it!

    A photoshoot! How fun!!!
    AND a Berlin trip thingy!!!!

    WOW! I missed out on so many updates and I'm so excited for you and all these amazing things that are going on in your life!

    Stay Amazing :) and don't let go of your dreams! You WILL get there, I believe in you :)

    PS I'm a sucker for the teenybopper shows. Not SecretLife but Make It or Break It-umm yea....

  2. Damn that was a long comment! Haha :)