Saturday, 29 August 2009


ok so do u no da way I always sjust eat fruit and veg constantly apart from my soya yoghurt with protein! well yesterday I had been out da nite b4 o ps totally got with mark was amazing and he was sober so totally knew what was going on ahaha! neways had an ibs attack was brutal didnt eat too much drank da next day had da usual and my friend called down and I was of course snacking on lots of fruit and den she kept offering me some of these rainbow drop sweets and I was lik no tnx and she was lik u no ders probly more sugar in that apple then in these! and then she told me this story about this girl who went to ww and all she did was jog and wat fruit and she wasnt losing weight and dey said it was bc of the amount of sugar in da fruit!!
so now I hate fruit I dont wnt to eat it! so I decided to add some oats to my morning yoghurt to stop me snacking on fruit! but I had like a tablespoon and it didnt make much of a difference! grrr Im so upset y does fruit have to have sugar! grrr! so my new rule! less fruit obviously! soon I will eat 3 healthy meals a day with no snacking! and I cana only eat 3 types of fruit! to stop me snacking on every type! so melon watermelon and mango are my 3 choices 4 now!

so far no fruit yah!
going for a walk/jog in a bit!
my mom is sick and Im not going shopping so none of my selected fruits will be in da gaf 2day! wikka wikka!
packed for berlin and prague and organising a load of stuff but Ill still try to do my abs and abs! xx

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  1. VEGGIES WOMAN! Go for the Veggies! lol. They are totally filling and not very addicting because they're good but not like crazy sugary goodness-ya know?

    mmm...oats are yummy :)

    Hope your moms feels better.