Sunday, 16 August 2009


no comments on my last 2 posts! Im quiete devastated if I must say so! haha! how are guys anyways? Right so yesterday was amazing! I got up didnt plan on doing much conditioning but I made a class music mix adn just kept working out! I did loads of high intensity stuff too and was sweating and everything! it was brilliant! Then I went for a walk with my mom and got ready to drive down to my friends house! I went there at like 5 and I was so annoyed bc I tried to eat enough b4 I went there so I wouldnt be hungry! but how wrong I was! I was feckin starvin and had to eat loads of her fruit and I was worried I was gna get way too drunk then but I filled myself up on carrots so was actually fine but I did get major drunk and was major hungover today! Im also so annoyed right! This guy lets call him Frankie ha well neway I want to hook up with him and he brought this random french girl to the party! anywho I really wanna score this other guy Mark way way more but hes never out anymore but he showed up to the party at 2.30! at this stage I was absolutly hammered! and was dancing on a counter! I then jumped off the counter into his arms!? wtf yes dats how drunk I was! then I spent the rest of the night talking to him but I wasnt feelin it! He was being rly nice but he was driving so was completely sober and didnt make a move! so pissed off! y does no1 want me dammit! Before he was always scoring me and I was like Im too good for him but I guess not! ugh boys!
anyway today me my friend got up round 1 and I brought my breakfast mix! she doesnt judge how I eat but I found it really hard being with her this wkd! bc her mom came back and was making a roast dinner and wanted out of there quick! but she was meant to be cumin back to mine but in the end she didnt and I made up a bullshit excuse to get out of there asap b4 dinner! it was so obvious like! her mom was like are u not gna eat anything then and gave me this totally concerned look! fock! newhoodle I came home and ate a nice portion of a veggie stir fry!
and I had my flax seed so toilet central hell yeh!
newho rly didnt like feeling that uncomfortable! usually I have ppl stay at mine and I totallt cater for them while I do my own weird shit but its totally different in other ppls houses!
also we were makin new skirts and the mom tried to make them both the same size and then my friends was way too big for her and she was all like ugh just cz Im not perfect like Lexy!
I was like fock!
and also at the party I was soooo sooo cold and this guy was like its bc ur so skinny! and then other ppl were picking me up and being like jesus u weigh nutin?! I dont get it!
anyway Im out again tonight so gna shower and maybe try do my abs and ass but my physio exercises are more important! major workout planned for 2mro bc got this foto shoot on wednesday! xxx

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