Friday, 7 August 2009

no appetite!

mm whats going on! got up went to the toilet again! seriously thats nearly everyday this week and its all thanks to flaxseed!!!!!! yah!!! anyway I feel so much better! did my body conditioning then went for a wlak with my mom! Im about to go for another one with my friend! I ate a bowl of soup and a mango but threw out alot of it bc it was too messy and then had a good bit of melon! I dont even want veg right now! mm but maybe I do! My moms pushing me to use up sum veg so might have a litl veg stir fry after ma walk but dont think I will. think Ill have another bowl of soup and watermelon! my roomate from england is cumin over 2nite so wont be conditioning or working out much for the next 3 days but I will def be eating alot less! woop woop! anywho I added major weights on my legs when doing my conditioning!! I read this article with kate hudsons fitness instructor and it said if u work out with heavier weights u have to do fewer repetitions! also he said when running u shud do 1 min 80% mhr den 1 min 50% mhr and den alternate for 20 mins! I cant do that bc of my injury but still thought Id pass it onto u guys! bc that means more intense but less workout time woop woop!
I bought more alpro soya light milk today I really like it! I cant bliv I haven had kidney beans in 3 or 4 days now! just over them right now tbh! hah brill! xx

2 walks! no more soup!just watermelon which has me majr bloated right now but I no that will totally go away! yeh! Ive done well today gna drink sum alpro soya light with flax seed and then peppermint tea! x

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    The past 2 days I've gone No.2 after like 3 days ago when I drank SuperSlim Diet Tea (that's stuff is no joke!) and before that...who knows... (I digress) after I read Skinny Bitch (woot! woot!) and they said fruit and plenty of H20 in the morning with at least 30 minutes before eating anything else (I just didn't eat anything until my No. came up). Worked like a charm! (so far...I'm a keep at it as long as the going is good)