Thursday, 13 August 2009

i i i!

K so I dont no if Im doing good or bad anymore! Im majorly lacking alot of energy! Im finding it very hard t get back into my conditioning regime since my friend has left! but anyway today I got up and had my delicious breakfast! seriosuly favourite meal of the day! today I had a blueberry soya yoghurt with my seeds and protein! then I didnt eat again for ages! act lie I had some pineapple! then I had like 4 cups of weight less tea!! all the while doing my physio exercises! I then had some major improvent in my foot ss I was way excited about that altogether!!
Then I had some melon and went for a power walk slash jog with my mom! after we went to the shopping centre and we walked around for ages and I was dying! I was sooooo hungry and weak! and she knew it! she said what are u makin for ur dinner! theres mushrooms to use up and blah blah blah! I had to run back and grab a pearb4 I died haha! I got home demolished some weight watchers soup and den was forced into making a stir fry! my mom kept askin did I not use the kidney beans anymore haha!! eep! anyway I made da veggie stir fry and then added some tomato soup it tasted like a curry it was delicious! then had watermelon some soya milk and flaxseed!
Im still on the pro biotics and diet pills!
I wanna be thin!
this guy might I met is a photographer and hes gna take pics of me and my friend in our ballet tutus and these dresses we designed ourselves! so 2mro Im majorly reducing my food intake and hopefully upping my exercise! Ill see what I can do! sat and sunday Ill starve! :) g2g bros here epp gud luck to u all! xx

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