Monday, 31 August 2009

too busy to eat o yeh!

omg I ave the b usiest day ever today! got up ate bc I woke up starving! oats and yoghurt! some seeds bit of protein! then showerd shaved and tanned. straightened my hair. drank weight loss tea. went shop lifting - bags, bras, socks, b vitamins, multi vitamins, probiotics, tea tree wipes, digestive capsules, mangos, fitness magazine. came home had a bowl of ww soup and a glass of alpro soya light milk. then went to blag my way into getting given 9 trial pairs of contact lenses bc mine didnt arrive and Im going to prague 2mro for 9 days so I wont be on! Got my fotos taken for my driver lisence. now back had da mangos 2 small. now im off for a bazilian! gna walk down and back bout 15 mins there and back.maybe going for a walk this evening but the weather is brutal. mmm what else I get today. o litl trainers for interailing bc I cant wear flip flops or flat sandals with my fecking injury! got some berts bees lip balm 2. u ever try that stuff it mazin!!
right mite update laters xx

ok Im back got a brazilian ouch! well thats the most some ones ever seen me naked! wasnt that bad I guess! ate half a melon. going for a walk with my mom now. Id say the pain and scaryness f the brazilian definetly sped up my metabolism haha! I rock! gna have other half melon and herbal tea when I get back!
I hate eating infront of ppl now so I tink the next 9 days mite be more of a diet haha! kulness :)
mmm neting esle.....
nope :)

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  1. Wow, JAM-packed day!

    My hats off to you for gettin a Brazilian! The mere thought scares me senseless! Brave, brave (not to mention a high pain tolerance!) girl!

    Best of luck on your upcoming adventure! Can't wait to hear how much FUN, FUN, FUN you have!