Monday, 24 August 2009

holiday count down!

Right Im off to Prague and Berlin in 8 days! I dont think Ill get away with eating no carbs on hols so have tried to come to terms with the idea of eating maybe some rice and pasta but I will be majorly reducing my fruit and veg intake so hopefully asll will balance out! I will avoid eating rice and pasta where possible and run to the store and binge on fruit to fill me up! Thank god Im going with other students who are on a budget and I can play da o I cnt afford dat game haha! yes!
last night once again no sleep! Id say 4 un solid hours max! so now Im up so early and what to do with a whole day! plus der is like no fruit or veg in my gaf! so Ive had my usual breakfast and my diet pills! then the plan is to go for a walk/jog in the next hour and another one this evening! also plan on doing a bit of toning but ugh the effort!
I love mangos! totally my favourite fruit right now!
I wanna be thin!
really thin!
I want my thighs not to touch and I want this certain boy to want me!
hopefully hel be out sumtimes this week and I can make him my future bf haha!
anyway writin this blog makes me think my life is so boring and lacking ne direction at all! everyday its a struggle with myself not to eat too much fruit or veg! how sad is dat?! Im very confused! mmm......
had to stop da arm toning exercises aswell bc of my injury so I dont like da feel of dem either!
wait Im meant to be in a fairly gud mood! going out wed thur and sat dis wk woop!
and Im gna go get mango melon and mushrooms from da store!!
lts of weight loss tea too!
k dats it!
mission make Mark my bf! aha
now ders sum life direction ha!

k did da walk jog and loadsa conditioning! still didnt feel like enuf! but 2mro is a week till hols so gna be strict! Im tinkin no eats after 8! Ill do mi best I do lik snacking on fruit!
In orders words shop lifted lots of healthy food earlier. 2 melons, 2 mangos and a box of strawberries! I rock!
Also my mom came back from her trip away! she finished skinny bitch! she totally gets me now! she said she cudnt read da part about animal slaughter but she wnt drink milk anymore! woop! I didnt even force her to read it I just said she should!
its like she was seriously just like lexy! I understant y ur a food freak! yah! den she cut us up a bowl of strawberries! wer so goin walking 2mro and after for a big healthy shop in lidl! yes watermelon!


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  1. Ya, when I blog I feel like I'm way boring too, but whatevs, this is my life and I just remind myself that I blog for me and if people would like to be a fly on the wall they are welcome to it :)

    I like being a fly on your blog! Haha =)

    I totally play the broke card. (Any card I can really...)

    That's awesome that your mom was into the book and understands you better now. I know when my mom and I are "on the same page" it's just...better, easier. I can only hope the same for you and your moms. (I skipped through some of the yucko animal stuff too...)