Friday, 14 August 2009

struggle of a nobody!

Haha do you like my title! isnt is very optimistic?! I decided that would be the title of my autobiography if I ever had one! Today was a good day! yeh! I got up and had a shower washed my hair epilated my legs and tanned! then I went down stairs had my o so delicious cereal dat I live for and some watermelon! then I went on the computor and did my physio exercises for 40 mins and then I decided to do some body consditioning while watchin The sectre life of the american teenager! haha I no chessiest show ever but hey I love dat shit! newho I ended up doing conditioning for over an hour adn then had to totally race to physio! Then this part is pretty embarressing! I was like omg there is somthing wrong with my car! which is just new so my mom went down to the garage rly annoyed and they tld her I had been driving with the hand brake on! fuck! haha omg so embarressing!
anyway then after physio I came back had some mango and then went to my friends and we booked our train tickets from prague to berlin! yah! holiday sex ha! nway then I went for a walk slash mini jog with my mom! then I did my physio exercises and a mini leg conditioning series!
now Im wrapped up in bed very early bc everyone is watchin da golf!
o I had 2 bowls of weight watchers soup it is so amazin! no stir fries for me 2day haha!
neway this guy I no is a fotographer and he wants pics of me and my friend in our ballet gear in a studio so wer doing that on wednesday and I was talking to her and she was like right must get skinny by wednesday so now wer both gonna do a water diet or sumtin! Im thinking I will die so I might just do a soup diet and on wednesday absolutly no fruit bc it will bloat me!
I seriously love that soup!
my mom keeps saying all this shit now like what are you having for dinner?
will u use up this?
remember you used to like subway?
how come you dont eat those yoghurts anymore?
anyway 2mro night Im going to a party! gna get with this boy eoin if hes there! we always huk up wen wer together but hes a bit of a bailer lately so not relying on him like!
fock my mom cumin in here! dats all I gots to say right now anyway!
stay thin u amazing ppl! xx

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