Wednesday, 12 August 2009

decisions decisions....

So today! I didnt do too badly! got up went for a walk with my mom! I jogged a gud bit and then I decided to walk to my friends house after! that weas another gud bit away adn then she had to drop sumtin off at her friends so we walked even more and then she had been in the house all day so wanted to take a long route back! luv it haha! I did all this on a yoghurt protein and flaxseed. didnt eat again till 5 had a bowl of ww 0 points soup oh yeh then melon kiwi and mango! Im havin a wee bowl of soup while Im typin its just so gud man I cant explain! I figured out that keeping busy makes me not hungry and being with ppl makes me not wnt to eat infront of them! so I just need to do do do and never stop haha! this flaxseed is still working total miracles with the IBS!
my decisions title refers to my life, I have alot of decisions cumin up about college and what not! where is my life going blah blah blah! watever I think Ill save dat discussion for another day ha!
anyway going out saturday night and sunday night so wont be eating alot those days! gna have fruit and soup 2mro and friday! luv it! not even having kidney beans atm cant member the last time I had them! isnt it so weird da way I go from wnting a whole tin to 2 tins one day and now Im like whatever! I am missing my alpro soya light milk tho! tear haha! anyway I stopped doing all my conditioning! and my shoulder and neck feels better for it! gna do lots of walking 2mor and get back on abs and ass!
actually I did a good bit of conditioning on my legs 2day!
hope ur all doing fab! I dont think this sex thing is gona happen I mite ring this guy 2mro! anyway its totally gna happen wen I head to berlin! Im gona turn in2 a total slut! xx

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  1. wow, you're doing really well.
    and your mum seems to be really supportive!
    welldone on the control & keep it up hunni! <3