Thursday, 6 August 2009

I wnt a change!

ugh I want a change! I wna be able to do sumtin else with my body other then walk and condition! I hate getting into an exercise rut but I am very limited with what I can do right now with my injuries! mmmm! so what can I do! probly nothing else! I am getting extremely worried about wheter or not I will be able to start back dance college in september! I am doing everything I can! seeing specialist and physio and doing my exercises for at least an hour a day! its a hard life eh?! I had this nightmare last night that the physio was like right I dont no why your not responding to treatment! I want you to right out a list of what you eat everyday! and I was like o fuck! I no what Im doing isnt right and I no I keep planning to reintroduce proper carbs but I seriously cant right now! I feel like my inner thighs keep comiong closer and closer together it freaks me out! plus I keep doing conditioning with baby wights for my arms but I think it could be aggravtaing my shoulder injury but if I stop doing them my arms will get fat! Im in a vicious cycle! but anyway my fav roomate from england is coming over 2mor night and will be here till tuesday morning so Im not gona condition sat sun or mon! so Ill monitor how my shoulder feels those days and see if the problem lies with da weights!
mm what else now?! ahh nothing really my skin is shite! Im gonna drink a shit load of water 2day! Im off to have sum watermelon! xx
ok today yoghurt protein seeds fruit and soup! no kidney beans again yeh!
this flaxseed is my new best friend! I have gone to the toilet everyday since Ive taken it! I only did one walk today but Im gonna body condition now for a litl over an hour!
guys I need major sex advice! pls!!!!!!
I cant blliv Im still a virgin but I am! I wanna just give it up now! after my journey to perfection Im stopping short and letting sum1 have me in my imperfect state! I shaved off everything down there! bc I just think vag j j's luk disgusting! I no this is not on ed tlk! maybe I should join sum sex blogs or sumtin! do u tink I cud just have rly bad sex with sum1 and blame being drunk or chemistry! I dont wnt ne1 noin Im a virgin! hw embarrassin!!!
rite Im gonna go do my conditioning now!
score! haha

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  1. dont be embarrassed that youre a virgin. make sure the guy is nice and down to earth. if hes a jerk-player type guy, he miiiight make fun of you. but you wouldnt/shouldnt want to have sex with someone like that anyways.
    give him a head massge/scratch before and he'll melt :] then just let it flow and try to have him on top since guys are just used to that.
    good luck girl.

    and do what i did...wait until its someone you like. you dont have to love him, or even know him for months or years, but LIKE him and have a crush on him and resprect him, and try to make sure he feels the same way back.

    AND USE USE USE USE USE A CONDOM!!!!!!!! put one in your purse THIS INSTANT!!!!!!!!!

    xx <3