Sunday, 23 August 2009


apolagies for the downer-ness lately! Im am up and down lik a frickin yoyo! ok so I went out to my friends house on sat! was meant to go out early but left after 6 to avoid eating dinner out there then left b4 6 da next day and made up a complete lie about having dinner with my parents! I brought my yoghurt protein mix for breakfast and just ahd fruit for lunch! made a lovely veggie mix for my dinner! I was meant to be starting a 5 day job 2mro but that is now not happening woop more time for working out and self starvation haha! I am going to berlin and prague in a week on tuesday so starvation central till then especially bc I plan on losing my virginity yah no! about feckin time is right haha! also I dont have a great sex drive from da lack of nutrients! btw guys b vitamins or multi vitamins b4 and after alcohol is so totally mazin! I dont have to dirnk as much vodka to get me drunk now since I stop eating earlier teehee! which means less calories and no bloat! win win! dance college is so not happenin its awful! I need a new direction in my life! I can go to college next yr as a mature student eww! haha but my mom thinks I should do sumtin like nutrition and dietetics since Im so obsessed! This yr I think Im gna take loads of fitness workshops bc Im already a fitness instructor so am considoring doing personal training and working out with sum fatty for money haha! lots of travel and work ahead of me for the next yr to stop me becumin completely depressed! my wlaking/jogging is going very well! Ive started timing my walks and jogging intervals so hopefully Ill start noticing a difference!
love to all!
I cant read ur blogs right now but Ill catch up 2mro!
stay thin but dont let it destroy ur mind!

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  1. So glad your mood is up and you are back in the game! (So to speak) I think your new direction sounds fab. Fitness and diet and all that and it'll help fix you up make you better so next year you can possibly go to dance college?

    I'm totally gonna try the vitamin b thing. And yes to the lack of sex drive due to lack of nutrients. Sux, that's why I found that healthy fats and getting enough protein is so importante!

    Stay Lovely Lexy!
    You deserve the Best in LIife!