Friday, 25 September 2009

still day 5

k its still day 5. dinner was a joke! I feel like shit I look like shit! my mom said Im just hair and a head on top of a tiny body! I look like a mess. shes askin me do I wna get highlights! anything to make me look less shit right now haha! as good as the yoga is for me I cant tan or wear lotsa make up bc I just sweat it all off so I no Im lookin a mess right now but only for another few weeks till my yoga offer expires and then I cant afford it anymore! then Im gonna join the badminton club tuesdays and thursday and take up a weekly yoga class me thinks! anyway right back to me I look like shit I feel like shit. yes I did a shit. hahaha. but I feel weak and not right tbh!
anyway at dinner my mom was like I wnt to see u eating a carb so I had too. well prepare one anyway. she wanted me to have brown wholegrain rice which is kul with the skinny bitch rules right but its 255 calories a serving! wtf! so em no thank you. so I decided it wouldnt be the worst thing in the world to have a baked potato. didnt eat it! added light bolegnase sauce to my veggie kidney bean stir fry and wrapped the potato in kitchen role and disposed of it later. My mom was like Im really getting worried about u so I had to pretend to eat a carb.
neway Im goin out on the sesh 2mro nite. there are no soya yoghurts left whihc is good bc I was looking for sumtin to eat earlier and considored havin one! so Ill pick up more 2mro after yoga which Im gonna wake up early for bc after 2mro nite I dont think Ill be able to go on sunday!
I dont no where my life is goin xx

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  1. :( Feel better Lexy. I think maybe you should eat a bit of carbs. Maybe even just 100 cals? Or a couple bites here and there? So you feel/look/feel better?

    What's gonna make you happy Lexy? You are so down.