Monday, 28 September 2009


ugh brutal brutal nite last nite! was basically up all nite! must of fell in and out of sleep afterwards but heard my dad getting up for work round 6 then my brother at 7 and then my mom and other brother round 8! was awful! got up was going to have muesili with milk but then I just had a few tablespoons of muesili by itself then had my yoghurt flaxseed and toast banana and cinamon and half a fokin melon! that seems like so much Im ashamed to be typing this! grrr anyway it was all very healthy and with skinny bitch rules! den I walked to tesco got mango and strawberries so had a bowl of that there was lovely! going to yoga at 6.30 so g2 eat my dinner at 4! wat to have....wholgrain rice with kindey beans? or I duno! I cant do this its so hard! every nite wen Im lying there hungry adn tinkin tinkin bout food I say Ill eat healthily and it will be fine but I cant its so hard! I bought laughing cow light cheese spread but I dont no if I can have it! but I could eat that with sum cracker bread and tomato instead of a whole meal yah no?
pls sum1 help me Im goin demented! Im gona go skipping for a few mins and do squats and lunges! get a little circuit going in my gaf!

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  1. Yes, yes it's all HEALTHY(!) Lexy relax! :) If your uncomfy with a whole serving only take a couple bites of it...remember what skinny bitch says about listening to your body. Obvy, your body is hungry and lacking something but your mind is making you fret about it so compromise and just have a bite?

    Do what you feel is best for you Lex, I'm sure you'll make the right choices and do whatever makes you happykins! :)