Friday, 25 September 2009

day 5....

ok so its day 5! I didnt sleep well again last nite and no no2 as of yet. Im only up like 20 mins tho. I kept feeling so hungry last night so ended up coming downa dn eating 3 tablespoons of muesili! I swear to god I give myself an inch and I have to take a mile dont I! well now Im banned from muesili till monday! thats how dis is gonna have to work teehee. Ive just had the toast banana and cinoman for breakfast adn my yoghurt sans muesili and Im off to burn it all of with 90 mins of yoga! for the rest of the day I will have fruit and veg. 2mro. I did a bit of research and you no those ryvita crackers? well there like 20 cals a slice and Im having two slices of toast dat equal 84 calories so I could actually have 4 ryvita and save four calories eh eh?! so I think I might branch out a bit but wel c. I do like the toast as of now. After yoga Im gonna pick up mango and melon and my mom has made a big pot of ww soup. pray for a no2!
laters xxx
back from yoga. great class. had 2 amazingly perfectly ripe mangos! I think Im shoplifting to much stuff from the same store. Ive been going to the same store for fresh fruit everyday this week and getting loadsa magazines aswell teehee!
still no no2 so Im drinking lots of water!
also Im taking a new supplement. cant think of the name intestine aid or sumtin. anyway day 1 of it today. Ill keep u posted x

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  1. So glad that your ibs is gettin' better! And your enjoying yoga so much! Sounds like you're doing better and better each shit you take! lol...I'm sorry I just had to!

    (old school italian friend)