Saturday, 26 September 2009

day 6 no 2

man I love typing no2 after all my posts teehee! hell yeh!
ok so Im not entirely impressed with todays start but Ill try stay positive and make things go my way teehee. So I set my alarm for 10 o clock so I could go to yoga at 11! thank god I had a good sleep last nite. anyway woke up and was rli tired but I gt up gt dressed contacts in make up but felt like shit. and was definelty in need of a shit! I knew it wasnt a good idea going to yoga bc I was in pain and dun dun dun felt like shit. and Im trying not to force my body to do things it doesnt want to do. Im trying to listen to it. So I had to bail on yoga :(. I got up and went downstairs and got my banana and toast and cinamon mmmm and peppermint tea and went back up to my bed and watched some kourtney and kloe take miami and 30 mins later shit done and I feel gr8! seriously this is day 6 of this little ritual and it works a charm so I cant be getting up early and rushing off ( yes 10 is early for me right now haha).
so now Im gonna go for a walk with my mom is a bit and possibly go to 4 o clock yoga bc I no Ill prolly miss yoga 2mro! I have gone for 7 days straight.
anyway Im not eating dat ww soup anymore its too hard on my system. Im liking da toast and I mite look into low fat hummous or sumtin.
carbs help me! there not so hard on my system dammit!
I want mango!
still is bed watchin greys anatomy! o the gud life haha!
just read an article in cosmo about uni-rexia! bout ppl turnin ana wen they go to uni! weird eh!
I dont wna put on weight. I want ppl to go omg wen did u get so thin! jesus uv lost loadsa weight! and sum1 whos not my mom!
k went walking with my mom. I didnt feel great tbh! I was struggling and all I could think about was how hungry I was! afterwards we went to lidl where I ran in and had to demolish an apple. When I got home I was going to make butternut squash soup instead I just cooked them and sprinkled them with soya sauce adn ate like chips! dey were amazing! then my mom insisted on a slice of toast! 42 cals ate it dry! now Im off to burn it all off in yoga!!
she is preparing rice for me wen I get back dammit! I will not be eating it! when I come back I will be having a yoghurt and some pineapple and mango and done for the evening!
den partying it up woop woop!
went to yoga! shudnt of gone. 2 much food in my system b4 a class not a good idea at all. anyway! its time to cop the fuck on bc I feel like shit so I got a soya yoghurt and added 3 teaspoons of muesili! I didnt eat any yday so da 3 tablespoons I ate da other nite shud be balanced out by now! Im gonna have some flaxseed now and hopefully Ill no2!
Im not going to yoga 2mro! Im taking a fokin break. I was supposed to listening to my body but Im ignoring it all over again! and being in a 90 min class and wanting to leave b4 it even started was not an enjoyable experience! x

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  1. it sounds like your doing really well. keep itup
    & yay for shoppin at lidl, even though they're really cheap, lol
    :D welldone on keeping to your routine. i'm proud of you babe! xxxx