Thursday, 24 September 2009

day 4 no2!

omg what a great week Im having haha! slept very badly last night tho! lotsof nitemares so I feel all ibs stomach crampy. Im identifying the patterns by keeping this blog. so lack of sleep! not good for ibs haha! but at least I number 2! woop woop! ditched the cornflakes today! woop I dont need it. Im gonna stcik with the organic muesili and alpro soya yoghurt adn flaxseed.
got nice mangos adn a nectarine for lunch.
went power walk on my own.
my mom wants to go for one aswell but I wna go yoga and dont no bout doing another 2 workouts. she told me shes on my case now about eating and that she wants to see me eat my toast and banana. which I will do before yoga!
having a fight with one ma friends! ughhhhhhh! ppl can fok off and stop stressin me out! its not good for the ibs! I go with da flow now. no pressure!
update later x
toast banana and cinamon, bowl of ww o points soup, 90 min yoga, veg stir fry with baked beans! weight loss tea, green tea diet supplements! x

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