Saturday, 19 September 2009

still disgusting

well I still feel absolutly digusting after my carb day! ewww! and its so annoying bc I cant fill up on fruit and veggies anymore bc their too strong and toxic and gassy on my tummy so all I want to eat is cereal and toast! but I will not! today I got up yoghurt banana flaxseed, 1 hr power walk, half a tin of soya beans, fruit box, 140 calorie lunch box -cauliflower and pototo salad I no potatoes yes! as my mom fokin pointed out! r u eating potato! yeh shut up! anyway then 90 mins of bikram yoga! ne one else do dat? and then 2 mangos and herbal tea! mite be going for a walk again but I rli dont feel dat great still! this is the first wkd I havent drank or gone out all summer!!! I no its not summer now but since I have no college or work it still feels that way to me!
Im gna go yoga gain 2mro! I luv it! seriously last time I tried bikram yoga I felt like I was constantly on the verge of dying! now Im dying to go!!!! I used to look at the clock every 10 mins now I look twice thats it! proud of myself!!! woop woop! still feel fat even tho Im not! well my upper body isnt! I was on this website yesterday real model diets or sumtin like that! it was gud! check it out!
o I got apple cider tablets!!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome day-health and active!

    What's this Bakram Yoga like? I'm curious.

    What's the link to that model diets thing? Apple cider tablets? Do share...