Tuesday, 22 September 2009


day 2 with a no2! woop woop! sry but untill u have been extremely constipated u will not understand how amazing it is to go no2 woop woop!
so I got up and had da most relaxing morning! I woke up and set up gossip girl season 3 ep 2 to watch on my lap top! I went downstairs ook my fat metaboliser pill and probiotic pill and had 3 tablespoons of muesili with 1 handful of cornflakes and an alpro soya yoghurt with some flaxseed and a herbel weight loss tea! bliss. then I got up around 1 had half an apple and a power walk with my friend in the park! was lovely! then went to the shops to shoplift my mangos! and there were none of the readily ripe mangos so I just had to buy regular ones which were crap andn so unripe so I just through it out was devastated! Im so set in my ways with my manogs! haha I had a feeling they would be crap so I bought a small honey dew melon which I have just eaten! Im gonna go to yoga at 6.15 or 8 I tink I wna go at 6.15 just worried about parking! but man Im getting addicted to bikram! google it!
I feel like Im getting fatter tho! damn me trying to incorporate carbs healthily into my diet. but the thing is now is the right time to be eating them bc Im doing up to 2 and a half hours of exercise a day and I wont be able to keep this up all the time u no!
hope ur all doing well!
k Im back went to yoga at 6.15 came home at 8 ate 2 sliices of ww bread 84 calories mashed on a tiny banana and had a spread of peanut on each slice! 2mro Im possibly gonna buy reduced fat and sugar peanut butter or maybe try a bit of nutella although I prefer peanut butter! everything in moderation guys! come on if Im working out this much I should be entitled to that! right! plus my mom said to me today I remind her of an anorexic and dat I look gaunt and ill! I told her I feel great which isnt really true but I wanna maintain the weight Im at and hopefully I can by eating a little more normally!
hope I havent digusted any of u!
4got to say after I ate it I did loads of jumpin jacks and lunges and skipping to kick start da metabolism! even though Im just back from a 90 minute yoga class! x

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  1. I totally get the no2 thing...totally.

    Ever since I read Skinny Bitch I eat fruit every morning and nothing for at least a half hour and it's helped! Sometimes a bowl of oatmeal a little later helps too...for uh...volumetric purposes?

    Yeah, I'm gross but if I can't be honest on the internet what kind of life would I lead!! haha. I read somewhere that it's totally normal to have these bm talks in Italy (smaller southern towns I think....) So let's just pretend we're Old School Italians! haha

    If you think you're looking gaunt you may want to google that ish and find out what nutrient your lacking for that effect...

    Take care of yourself Lex!!