Sunday, 20 September 2009


Im still very confused as to why I want everyday of my feckin life to revolve around working out and eating the exact same foods?! haha I am crazy! me and my friends baked a cake last nite for my brothers 19th! it was so much fun but I wouldnt touch any of it and I just felt like some sort of freak! I was never even a cake person! altho I do like carrot cake or I did anyway! Im not down about why Im thinking like this because the soon is out and bikram yoga is having me in such a good positive mood! Im so glad the classes are on 7 days a week bc I get to go today and its sunday! plus its sunny today so my mom just asked me if I was up for a walk! so for this reason I had 2 table spoons of oats in my yoghurt! I know I know they are carbs but they are organic oats which skinny bitch luvs! and Im about to walk them off anywho! I still feel like my legs are untones and the backs of my arms and Im still doing my tricep dips hopefully it will all come together for me! I tried to get a job yday and what a joke! recession indeed! nowhere would even take my cv haha! o well! my dad said I might be intitled to some money on the dole so Im gonna go check that out 2mro!
anywhoodle Im off to enjoy this beautiful day!
I need a job and a boyfriend soon tho! ever since I can remember Ive always been tryna get the perfect body so when I meet an absolute hotty I can feel confident! yet Ive never had a serious or long term boyfriend and Ive felt like this for years! waste of time perhaps? haha never! Im happy persuing the perfect body altho I would like to be a little less intense about it! I think when or if I get a job it will reduce the amount of hours in the day where working out is possible and my mind wont be so out of control1
epp mom cumin g2g!

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