Wednesday, 16 September 2009

random day

so today I tried to change up my diet a bit! got up had my usual yoghurt and flaxseed. then I had half a glass of alpro soya milk. I walked to the shops and back- 30-40 mins and got 4 mangos. had 2 when I came home. Then I had a salad no dressing with 1/4 can of kidney beans. Then I had some dinner I got tofu and had a 1/3 of the pack but then didnt eat any ma veggies. My stomach just doesnt want them anymore. So I had dun dun dun! a bowl of bran flaked with a few oats!!! first proper carb in ages! had another mango b4 yoga. 90 min class back now having herbal tea! I dont no what to do! shud I have one carb a day? and reduce my veg intake!? Im so confused! I dont wna put on weight but man these cramps have got to go!! x

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