Wednesday, 8 July 2009

2 day posts!

lux like Im postin every 2 days now!
anyways more shit shit shit! Im sorry but it makes me happy! u do not well maybe u do understand what being constipated can do to a girls confidence! I feel heavey and bloated and like Im carrying a child! I actually haave managed to get my flat tummy back but when I am constipated I look possibly pregnant! and Im not exagerating!
so 2 days on taking my fibre capsules and hot water like theres no 2moro! Im drinking green t with lemon every morning, pereh t after lunch and slim t after dinnner! Ate a bit to much yday let myself go far to hungry and even when I did eat I just wnted more but it was all gud fruit and veg. altho da last 2 days I have had kidney beans whic def make me bloat but Im not gna have ne 2day bc of da amt I ate yday plus no seeds 2day either. gna have a salad for lunch den I have physio and gna go to shops after that and get some fruit. Ive been having mango and cherries again! but I think I want watermelon today! mmm luv dat stuff!
tinks with this boy have fizzled out its my fault! I act like Im way in2 some 1 like I rli wnt them and then I no they like me and then I start picking faults with them and say Im not really that into them! eek! its bad bc we hang in the same circle. o well!
I like a boy I saw workin in river island and I went back looking hot to flirt which Im actually quiete gud at but he wasnt wrkin ugh! I tink I just wnt to persue him bc Im a challenge!ppl tink Im actually a litl man eater but Im not bc Im a virgin but I like t get guys to want me and then I get afriad about them getting to no me and ditch them!
I think Im just gna have to have a 1 nite stand with sum hottie at this stage!
being doing lots of shoplifting lately! got me a whole new wardrobe! but have da fear still. my paretns left me money to buy food there gone away for a week and I spent it all on day 1! on new trainers and a dress! I am officially and most definetly a size 6 or 4 oon top possibly and still an 8 n my ass! grrr! I think thats da equivalent to a 2 and a 4 in america?! I dont no!
luv u guys hope every1s doing well! xxx


  1. Hah! In the same with guys!

    I hate it cuz the flaws get in the way and they start to bug me.

    -forever Single :-(

  2. *forever single as well* except that im looovin every minute of it! i can do what i want with whoever i want and LOOVE IT!!! lol i just had a threesome last weekend actually :P so EMBRACE THE SINGLE-NESS.!

    and even when i was 100 lbs (at 5'5") i would have a flat tummy when i was "emtpy" but would seriously look pregnant when i ate. think of the starving kids in africa, they are literally starving and underweight, but they have big bellies. so its ok :) it happens to the thinnest of the skinnies!

    xx keep it up hun!! i love your blogs!