Thursday, 16 July 2009

another day

ok so today I got up and did my conditioning workout in my room! I swear my ass is so sore from these new exercises Im doing so hopefully Im on my way to buns of steel teehee! den I worked on my arms legs and tummy! then my mom was pissing me off! its like ever since I moved back Im in da way and messy! and Im actually qiuete a tidy person but Im not gonna lie my room is a tip but that is totally to be expected I just moved back after living away for a year! thats two rooms worth of stuff in one like! so I went for a massive 1.30 min walk to calm down haha! then went to physio said Im improving but found out I have probs with my neck and shoulder! Im just in so much pain! I wnt to look after my body so bad but be thin at the same time! should I eat sum carbs! my mom asked me today do I eat any carbs!? and I tried to lie but she nos and then she kept tryna make me eat weetabix and ryvita! I do have major ibs but I totally use it as an excuse not to eat stuff I dnt wna! neway she was lik ur on ur way to anorexia blah blah blah!
my friend told me yesterdya I had a hot body but any thinner wud be too thin! and then when the physio was looking at my shoulders and back he was like jesus theres nutin on u! its just muscle and bone! from an anatomical view its great haha! he said Im tiny too like the size of his little niece! I was of course luving all this comments!
anyway ate pretty much the same as yday! ate after 8 both days but it was of course either fruit or veg so not the end of the world!
Im eating seeds and nuts I no theres calories in them but I need some fats in my diet! eww! I no!
what should I do about carbs!??
I wonder! I wna be healthy for dance like??
neway going to a sleepover thing 2mro my friends no I dont eat shit tho so thats grand! also going out on sat which means I stop eating really early in order to drink and then my friend usually stays in mine and since I dont really like eating in front of ppl it means I dont eat till way late! good all round!
newho dats it! xx


  1. Great job on that conditioning workout!! And that walk! WOW! Walking always works off any stress or anger that I bottle up inside me. I try and put all my energy into walking when I am hungry too. It makes me forget about how hungry I am! =)

  2. That's a good advice! I'm gonna try the walk too.

  3. Whole grains w/fiber! Wait-aren't fruits and veggies carbs! :)

    Love, love, love walking but 95+ degree weather! Yuk! So hot here.