Thursday, 2 July 2009


right 8 movicl later and Ive shifted some of the shit dat fills my by body. I worked at da sumemr camp gain today. My mom wanted to see me eat a banana b4 I left. I ate a necterine instead and didnt eat again till just there. little stir fry 1 table spoon of kidney beans. Im gna go check if ders ne watermelon now....yum. going shopping in an hr or so wna get me sum clothes for the wkd den going to the cinema with my cuz! da weather is shit rite now and is makin me feel like I have absolutly no energy :(
on da upside Im din my physio exercises on my foot and am hoping it is improving. Im seeing my physio again 2mro. going out 2mro and sat need my flat not constipated body back! xI feel fat x

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