Wednesday, 1 July 2009


OMG! ever since I started restricting I develped IBS and have been dealing with constipation which is so bad! Right now I have 5 days of shit in my stomach! no joke u can c it all. My mom even said it. I have a little sorry big belly hanging out now bc Im so bunged up! Ive been doing everything. Laxatives, hot water! I dont no what to do. My mom wants me to try a supositree but I actually cant! bad child hood memories! Ive actually always been prone to constipation bc Im a little ball of stress.
Worked in the summer camp today. Had to eat an apple when I woke up first bc I thought I was gna die. also had 1 tblsp of linseed (help u poo apparently) and hot water then I ate a strawberry sum green beans and then at 6 after a walk where I thought I was gna faint I had a decent sized stiry fry with half a tin of kidney beans! Im having some pineapple later and then I am done for the day! Im also gna have 8 movicol for feacal impactment but they destroy my tummy! its a hard life having disordered eating, ibs and an injury and a fear of relationships! haha!
At da summer camp I was so lucky to avoid eating! bc they wnted to order a pizza so I hid in the changing rooms but den my bro who wrks der aswell was like come out and socialize! I was lukin a bit like a loner so I went out and thank god der was a mix up with the pizzas so dey tuk a lunch order so I ordered a sandwhich and hid it! haha I brought it home to give to my mom but den I realised shed no I didnt eat it! so its in my room. I wna give it to sum1 I hate wasting food!
2mro I will be fine bc Im doing da administration work so Ill be in an office alone! yeh! haha ne of guys have remedies for constipation.......?
pls x


  1. Lots (& i mean LOTS!) of fiber and water.

    There's also Slim Tea and the like that'll make you go.

  2. Eat a 12oz bag of prunes or drink 10 oz of prune juice. Good luck!!!